Church Family,

How are we supposed to deal with it when other people in our city worship idols? What a complicated question! The sermon from this past Sunday leads us to understand some unexpected truths about what to do when the society around us bows down to false gods. Check out the audio, video, and Q&A from Sunday!

Next Sunday

Our interconnected and interdependent family continues to meet in a modified way on Sundays. Thank you for continually signing up each week so that we can welcome everyone safely, and thank you for prioritizing giving online or in the boxes in the auditorium. Your glad involvement in these ways helps to sustain our needed fellowship! This Sunday, we’ll be taking the Lord’s Supper with those who are physically able to be on campus. We pray this will be a great encouragement.

We think especially of those among us who are physically vulnerable (or caring for someone who is) this week as you continue to bear the burden of isolation. We pray that God sustains you in unique and beautiful ways as we wait for the time to come when you can again join us in person.

Your sister,