Brothers and Sisters,

Sunday’s Easter gathering was a true blessing and encouraging to worship alongside you as we declared that Jesus is alive.  What an interesting focus Proverbs provided for us to see Jesus death, burial, and resurrection as the means by which us poor and needy sinners received help.  It is a staggering and joyous thought to know that God, in our spiritual poverty, came and provided us with the riches of heaven through Jesus (2 Cor 8:9).  We were dirt poor beggars until Jesus came and the resurrection fully shows us the riches that are ours in him!

Lastly, one of the major points from Sunday is the truth that we are all created in the image of God.  Pastor Chuck stated, “The most basic principle humanity needs is in the first chapter of the Bible.”  This understanding (all people are equal as image bearers) permeates the entire Bible and should drive every man and women’s interactions with each other.  We need to speak for those who don’t have a voice, give to those without resources, and be powerful people for the powerless.  This week might you pray diligently to see others as created in the image of God.

Deacon Candidates

This Sunday we are pleased to present two new deacon candidates.  Your hard work last year to study, pray, and vote in revised bylaws will bear fruit this Sunday.  Please be in prayer for them and the church as we walk through the final phase of exploring a call to serve as deacons.

New Connection Classes

There is a new round of Connection Classes beginning April 10th.  If you have never participated in a Connection Class please consider doing so as it is one of our major ways to be bible-believing, gospel-centered, and transformation-minded.  These gatherings provide a significant opportunity to be with brothers and sisters to grow and mature in our love and knowledge of God.  Check here for the upcoming classes but let me highlight that the Membership Class will be starting during this new round of classes.

Gospel Community Highlight

This is our last installment of the GC highlights!  If by now you have not found a group or at least visited one please continue to give it some thought.  Church on Mill deeply desires for members to consistently engage in one another’s lives in an effort to encourage and build each other up in the Lord (Eph 4:1-16).

Naylor GC:

Leaders: Erik and Danni Naylor

Cross streets: 13th and Mill

GC Meetings: Every Saturday evening

Who we are serving: We want to reach and serve the neighborhood around Church on Mill.

Grace be with you,

Bryan Jerry