Dear Church Family,

Last Sunday

Expectations are important. Last Sunday we heard from John 15:18-27 about expectations. In the message, we learned that Christ followers should expect hostility from the world. Chuck compared the Christian experience to an alien sci-fi movie. As a Church on Mill family, we are not from this world. We have been born again (John 3:5-7). Because we are not of this world we will be feared, misunderstood, and hated (John 15:19), as if we were a horde of aliens. This hatred should be no surprise to us because this is how Jesus himself was treated. But even in the face of persecution and hate, our hope is great. Christ has sent us his Holy Spirit to bear witness to and to testify about the glorious name of Jesus. No matter how dark the world gets, let’s remember that we are not alone. Let us find renewed comfort in our Helper and focus our energies, together, on shining the bright light of Jesus Christ to this world.

Is God Anti-Gay?

Is God anti-gay? This is a provocative question in the cultural waters we swim in every day regardless where you are reading it from, and it is sure to raise all kinds of other questions like: How can I share the gospel with a gay friend? Should we use the term gay-Christian? Can Christians be same-sex attracted? Isn’t love more important than gender? etc. Please join Sam Allberry and The Gospel Coalition for this special, free, event from 7pm-8:30pm on March 16th at Trinity Bible Church. You can find more details here.

Your brother in Christ,