Brothers and Sisters,

Last Sunday, we were honored to hear from Andy Clare, a gifted brother in our own church family. He taught from Jude 14-25, reminding us that we either guard our hearts with the love of God or we grumble in our hearts. To understand better if discontentment or mercy reigns supreme in your own life, be sure to listen in.


We are so thankful for Andy’s preaching and for his willingness to be considered as an Elder Candidate. Please continue to praying for and about Andy as our church considers him as a possible shepherd of this body of Christ. If you have any questions or encouragements, please take them to Andy or a member of the Elder Team.

Pray ²

This next week, college students will be flocking back to town. Our college staff team focuses on discipleship in the spring semester as they seek to help students that they met in the fall grow in their walks with the Lord. As everyone from freshmen to graduate students file in from places 5 minutes away and full days away, ask that the Lord of the harvest would continue to produce fruit and laborers here in Tempe.

May we walk together this week, building one another up in the holy faith, as Jude so wisely instructs us to do. May we remember that God is personally, actively engaged in our every moment.

Your sister,