Brothers and Sisters,

Sermon Recap

Last Sunday rounded out our 4G’s sermon series with special consideration given to the graciousness of God.  Despite our full scale rejection of God, he is gracious to his own in Christ.  Take a few moments even now to praise God for his grace.  If you missed it or just need a second listen, go here.

God Provides

Though God always provides, there are times in which God’s provisions are more readily obvious than others: this is one of those times.  When Erik Naylor took over responsibility for COM’s collegiate ministry, part of the task he agreed to was developing a strong team of volunteers and staff to share the gospel on ASU’s campus, integrate those God saves into church membership, and send graduates out with a biblical view of Christ and his church all around the world.  No small assignment!  The Lord has faithfully brought COM – in only two years – a well-respected international ministry (Life Among the Nations), many students, volunteers from all strata of the church, and new staff members.  Maddie Pinto is yet another example of God’s gracious provision.

Starting June 1, Maddie will be COM’s new Director of College Ministry.  Under Erik’s leadership, she will provide oversight to the American side of our collegiate ministries.  Erik will be Executive Director of Collegiate Ministries, providing leadership to both the American and Life Among the Nations ministries.  This will enable Erik to focus on team and support development, discipleship with college guys, and the stewardship of expanding influence God is giving us with other churches.  Maddie brings spiritual maturity, an outstanding set of gifts, years of collegiate ministry experience, and a deep love for Church on Mill.  Pray for her as she transitions, and for the whole team as they work over the summer to hit the ground running when the Fall semester begins.

Family Worship

Got kids?  Join us tomorrow (Wednesday, 6:30pm) for a unique time of experiential learning the importance of and how to do family devotionals.  Parents and kids will be together part of the evening and separate part as well.  Whether you do this weekly or have never even tried it, you’ll be encouraged and helped.

10 Weeks

This coming Sunday marks the 10 week countdown to our 2 Gatherings launch (August 6)!  Be praying and looking for strategic opportunities to get involved.  Having 2 Gatherings will make it much easier to serve on Sunday morning, since you’ll no longer have to choose between serving or participating in the worship gathering.  Email with an area you’d like to consider serving and we’ll get you more info.

For Him,

Pastor Chuck