Brothers and Sisters,

As I write this, I find myself thanking God for this family that is Church on Mill. I am grateful for brothers and sisters who constantly point me to Christ, who love me and challenge me to live out of the gospel. May our love for one another abound more and more!

Sermon Recap

Over this past month we have basked in the wonderful news that Christ came to save sinners by substituting himself for our sins on the cross. We have seen that this message creates a new humanity when individuals hear and believe, turning to Christ their Savior. These individuals enter into a family that displays God’s wisdom as they love one another.

But what sort of family is this? Last Sunday we saw that this family—the church—is to be a community of self-controlled, upright, godly, obedient, perfectly courteous people who are submissive to authorities and ready for every good work. That sounds like a seriously heavy weight to lift requiring some serious spiritual muscles. Praise God we do not train for this life in our own strength, but are trained by the gospel (Titus 2:11-12). Christ in us empowers us to become who we already are—God’s righteous children! But this gospel training does not happen in a vacuum. God has designed for our spiritual muscles to grow through the nourishment of a church family, a group of committed servants who are under God’s Word, led by humble elders, and supported by faithful deacons. How might you both strengthen and be strengthened by your church family this week?

Members Meeting Recap

Last night was a big night for the COM family in our most recent Member’s Meeting!

  1. The church affirmed four new deacons: David Brown, Megan Roberts, David Oaks, and Amber Ward. We are grateful for these men and women who support the church by their sacrificial service. These are men and women to imitate.
  2. We welcomed even more new members (make sure to pick up a directory next Sunday or this week in the church office).
  3. The Transition Team challenged the church to give ourselves to concentrated prayer. Specifically, the Transition Team asked us to pray 1) for an increasing culture of disciple-making, 2) for increasing health in our church and our helpfulness to other churches, and 3) for God’s wisdom and leading in considering the idea of pastoral proximity for the Newkirk’s.  Read their entire address, including specific prayer points here.


Membership Class

This Saturday (Feb. 4th) from 9 am to 4 pm we will hold another one-day intensive membership class. If you are considering membership or just want to learn more about COM, do join Chuck and Tad for a great day of learning.  Please RSVP if you plan to attend here.

Special Event

This Tuesday (Jan 31st), author and apologist, Ravi Zacharias will be speaking at ASU  Tempe on the topic, “Jesus Among Secular Gods”. This will be a great talk to invite friends and family who struggle to embrace the counter-cultural claims of Jesus.  Our College Ministry and Life Among the Nations will host a live-streaming of the event in the COM auditorium.  More information here.

The grace of Jesus Christ has appeared to us. May we be trained by this awesome grace until He appears again!

Your brother in Christ,

Phil Hoshiwara