Brothers and Sisters,

Last Sunday

You may have felt tempted to flee the auditorium as soon as the word “forgiveness” was so much as uttered out of Pastor Chuck’s lips last Sunday (see Matthew 6). That’s a subject that has proven so difficult for us. But it was still extraordinarily valuable that we talked about it, both in Sunday’s gathering and in our GC meetings. It certainly has been one of the hardest things for me to do, as many of you can probably say the same for yourselves. So how about we each remember this: forgiveness is not forcing ourself to forget but, in God’s power, choosing to not hold an offense against the offender. It’s only as we walk in the forgiveness given to us in Christ that we can learn to forgive others.

There was a glitch that kept the sermon from being recorded on Sunday. Several have asked for this sermon as it was particularly powerful.  We apologize for not getting it recorded and posted. If you’d like Pastor Chuck’s notes please email him directly and he’ll happily share with you.

Disciplemakers Intensive

This Saturday is the next Disciplemakers Intensive!  Join us November 7, from 8:30am-12:00pm, when we will gather in the auditorium for a time of teaching and discussion on how we can grow as disciples who make disciples. Whether you are in the Wednesday night disciplemakers classes or not, this wonderful morning is open to you.

Stories from Scotland

Right after the Disciplemakers Intensive we will hear stories and testimonies from our church’s latest mission trip to Scotland. It goes like this: you come, you chat, you listen,  you eat some, you look at souvenirs, you look at pictures taken via selfie-stick, you maybe cry a little, you contemplate, you laugh with friends, then at 2:30, you go home. Should be a real fun time!

Thanksgiving Offering

November is now upon us!  As an act of thanksgiving for what God has given you in the gospel, please prayerfully consider giving a special ‘thanksgiving offering’ this month. Your sacrificial gift to the church budget will not only give you a tangible way to thank God for his work in your life, but will help continue that same work in other people’s lives. Gifts can be given online or through the offering in Sunday’s gathering.

With much love,

Trevor Pacelli, Ministry Intern

PS – Check out Church on Mill’s new website!

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