Brothers and Sisters,

Proverbs Series Ends but Wisdom Continues

This Sunday marked our finally installment of the sermons in Proverbs we began in January.  This has been one of the most fruitful series that I have personally had the privilege of sitting in over the past few years.  If there was one key truth I found myself consistently chewing on it is our need for wisdom is directly linked to our ultimate need for Jesus to radically change our heart (Prov 3:1-5, 4:4).  Yes, we all have nagging decisions that deserve thoughtful attention, but more important than any decision is our need to deeply connect to Christ (John 15:5).  Behavior is driven by what is in the heart (Matt 12:34).  Whether we are considering our money, relationships, or even conflict the ability to apply God’s truth to those situations is only possible through God’s direction.

Lets rejoice together at the goodness of God in teaching us how to live godly lives.  Consider taking a few moments this week to intentionally reflect over Proverbs and what God taught you most.  Make sure to write it down and then go share it with a brother or sister in Christ.  Let’s walk wisely together to God’s glory!

Songs for Summer

If you’d like to read ahead in preparation for the next sermon please read and pray through Psalm 1.  We’ll be launching a new series on the Psalms this coming Sunday in our Gathering.


Vacation Bible School is just around the corner!  Follow this link for  details and registration.  Deacon of Children’s Ministry, Jessica Oaks, is doing a great job organizing a fabulous week.  Be sure to keep your eyes open this Sunday as you enter the patio.  On each column there will be a list of items needed to successfully put on VBS.  In addition to your regular giving, please consider taking an item to purchase and donate.  Even the process of purchasing the item can be a strategic time to share the gospel with someone.  We are expecting another substantial outreach this year through VBS particularly among the international children living around ASU.

Church on Mill Distinctives

One of our church family’s five family traits (distinctives) is that we aim to be gospel-centered. The story of the Bible is the gospel—God’s amazing plan to restore all things to himself. The gospel is the ‘good news’ that God has graciously provided a way for sinful people to have a right, loving relationship with Him. Jesus is the way: He left heaven, came to earth, lived a perfect life, and died in our place. Miraculously He rose from the dead to demonstrate victory over sin, death, and the devil. Through the sacrificial death of Jesus, all who turn from their sin and confess Jesus as their Lord are given eternal life. This happens in an instant, yet God’s work in a person does not stop there. The on-going aspect of salvation will continue for the rest of a person’s life; therefore, the gospel is for every day. (Jn 3:1-18 / Rom 3:21-26, 10:13-15 / 2 Cor 5:21 / Gal 1:6-9, 2:16-3:14 / 2 Tim 2:8-10 / 1 Thess 2:4)

Grace be with you,

Bryan Jerry