The following Connections Classes will be held this Fall:

Session I 09/04-10/9 (6 weeks)

The Bible’s Grand Story
Northwest Wing
If we look closely at all the stories from Genesis to Revelation we can see a single thread woven throughout. This is God’s grand story. In this class we will explore how the many stories of the bible come together to paint a broad and beautiful picture of God’s redeeming love for all of creation.
Teacher: Bryan Jerry

Finding God in the Midst of Pain and Suffering
Auditorium Northeast Wing
Why do good people suffer? Why is there so much evil in the world? If God is good, why does he allow harm to come to those he loves? Chances are we’ve either asked those questions or been asked those questions. It seems we have all experienced our share of physical or emotional suffering. But, why do we have to? Where’s God when we’re in the midst of pain and trials? In this class where we’ll discuss what the bible has to say about the important topic of suffering.
Teacher: Tad Skinner

Living In Exile
Auditorium Southeast Wing
Although the word “exile” is scarcely in our vocabulary, the feelings and difficulties of being in exile are something we experience every day. What does it mean to be a citizen of the Kingdom of God, but a resident of the world? How do we live out our faith while we are living in a world that is not consistent with it and in some cases hostile to it? Join us as we learn from 1 Peter how we can overcome this exile for God’s glory and purposes on Earth.
Teacher: Kent Hardy