Last Sunday

The evidence for the resurrection is powerful. An empty tomb. A risen Lord. A written record. John 20 has been written so that we might believe the truthful, verifiable, historical fact that Christ has been raised from the dead. The truthfulness of these facts is essential for our hope and our faith. If Christ was not really raised from the dead, what confidence do we have that we will be raised from the dead? Thankfully, God has ensured that the truthfulness of these events would be beyond a shadow of the doubt. The reality of the empty tomb, the risen Lord, and the written record ought to give us hope and renew our faith in the resurrection of Christ. May these evidences encourage us today and lead us to praise and worship of our great God!

East Asia Stories

A mission team from COM recently visited East Asia to serve and encourage our East Asia mission partners. Please join us in the evening next week to hear their stories on Friday, June 8 at 6:00-8:00 pm.

Serve One Another

One way that we grow as Christians is through serving one another. There are many ways to serve here at Church on Mill that help promote a welcoming, gospel-culture for both new visitors and church family. Would you consider committing to serve at Church on Mill on Sunday mornings for the following year (Aug 2018 – July 2019)? Click here for a list of serving positions. If you are interested to serve in a particular area or if you would like to request more information you can do so at Thank you!

Your brother in Christ,