///Ever so Thankful!

Ever so Thankful!

Brothers and sisters,

Last Sunday

Pastor Chuck finished up the Prayer sermon series last Sunday with a timely message on gratitude. Click here to give it a listen.

Also on Sunday evening, I’ll bet that you each were highly satisfied with the buffet of amazing eats! Our Thanksgiving Dinner turned out a tremendous success, complete with fellowship among members, many guests, wonderful music by the worship band, and a humble and powerful testimony by Danni Naylor. Thank you all who helped out in our annual feast, and thank you also for your kind donations towards getting us caught up on budget giving, thereby setting the church family up for strong ministry in 2016.

Unraveling Revelation

Have you ever tried to make sense of the last book of the Bible – Revelation?  It’s a tough but important book for understanding not just what will happen in the End but what is happening today. Through our partnership with The Gospel Coalition Arizona you have an opportunity to spend two days hearing some of the best living scholars teach the major themes and questions of Revelation. The early bird rate has been extended a few more days. Sign up here for this unique opportunity January 15-16, 2016.

Connection Classes

If you missed either of our new connection classes last Sunday know you can still join in next Sunday! Just to remind you, the first of these classes is Practical Prayer, which will help you to enrich and enlighten your prayer life.  Morgan Roberts is teaching that class building upon the sermon series just completed. The second of these classes is Understanding Advent, which will give you a great understanding of what Christmas is really all about. Austin Krause, one of our worship leaders, is teaching on advent.

The Director of Family Ministries

The Stokes family moved in about a mile and a half from the church property yesterday. Please do continue praying for Tim, Linoshca, and little Caden as they adjust to this new change into a new state, culture, job, and church family. Tim will start serving on staff next week.

Members Meeting

The last Members Meeting of the year is just days away (6:00pm on December 6th). Several wonderful testimonies are planned as well as a variety of topics of conversation related to ministry initiatives coming up in 2016. There’s quite a few new members to greet as well!

Elder/Deacon Training

The training sessions with our potential elder and deacon candidates continue to move along well. We would like to ask for your prays for those still attending the classes as they explore potential calls to be elders or deacons.

Well, I am sure that you all now have turkey on the mind. And mashed potatoes. And cranberry sauce. And green beans. And pecan pie. And pumpkin spice lattes. Oops, sorry- didn’t mean to make you hungry. But Thanksgiving comes this Thursday, ladies and gentlemen! This will be such a joyous time of expressing our gratitude towards the Lord and our loved ones. I hope you can get the most out of it this coming week.  Consider making room for someone in the Church on Mill family who has no plans for Thanksgiving.  Thankful for you all!

With much love,

Trevor Pacelli, Ministry Intern

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