Church Family,

Last Sunday, Pastor Chuck preached on Acts 20:1-12 in which churches are encouraged by the Word of God. If you think you know what that means, listen in or watch the sermon video. You might be surprised! Catch the Q&A for more discussion. And, if you missed the opportunity to give on Sunday, you can do so here!

New Connection Classes!

Didn’t attend Parenting last time around? Join in on Zoom this Sunday at 9:30am as the class begins a second round. You’ll dive into your main role as a parent and gain a framework for how to consistently parent to the glory of God…doesn’t that sound refreshing?

What’s a church supposed to be like? Likely, most people think of their preferences. In God’s Church God’s Way we’ll learn what the Scriptures say about the very bride of Christ. Join in on Zoom at 11:15am.

Lord’s Supper

On Sunday we’ll remember the shed blood and broken body of Christ at the body of Christ for the first time since the pandemic hit hard. If you haven’t yet made your way back, would you prayerfully consider if this might be the week to do so? Sign up here.

We have the Lord with us this very moment. What joy!

Your sister,