Church Family,

Last Sunday Pastor Chuck led us through Galatians 1:10-24. He showed us that the gospel that Paul preached wasn’t Paul’s gospel, but the divine gospel of Jesus Christ, revealed to Paul. Everything changed the day that Paul saw the truth of this gospel, and the same is true for us as believers. Every vain glory we sought for ourselves is now exchanged for glorifying God in everything that we do. Listen to the sermon again if you’d like to cement these truths in your heart.

Newcomers Open House

We are a family who is devoted to each other and who rejoice to show others the goodness of this community designed by our perfect father! This Sunday, if you see someone who has been visiting Church on Mill of late or who you have never seen before, invite them to come to the Newcomers Open House from 5:00-7:00pm at Pastor Chuck’s house. Invite cards are on the greeting table with the address.

New Connection Classes

Connection Classes are an opportunity to dive deep into topics that affect each day of our Christian lives. This session, at 9:30am, Living as a Church will show us how our union with Christ has granted us unity as believers, the foundation of our gospel witness. At 11:15am, the Trinity class will teach us how the doctrine of the trinity affects the lives of Christ-followers each day. Join us in the Christian Challenge building for either!

Your sister,