Dear Church Family,

1 Samuel 4:1-22

Last Sunday in 1 Samuel we watched as the Israelites suffered a terrible defeat from the Philistines. God’s promise to Eli came true as he and his sons were killed and the ark of the covenant was captured from Israel. This was a tragic event because the ark symbolized the very presence of God, and because of Israel’s sin God left. What good news we have today though, that in Jesus God’s presence will never leave us. The spirit of God no longer dwells simply in the ark, but it now dwells in our very hearts. The sermon was sobering, and yet encouraging that God now chooses to dwell with us and he will never leave. You can check out the sermon here.

Members Meeting Recap

We had a members meeting last Sunday in which we were reminded of God’s grace in and through our church. Seven new members joined, Katie Turner and Spencer Roberts shared about ways they are caring for others with the gospel, and we ended with a time of encouragement as we reminisced all the ways God has worked in the church.

Your brother in Christ,