Spencer and I have been at COM for nearly seven years now, four of which I’ve served as the Deacon of Preschool Ministry. I was serving as the leader of the ministry for a year or so prior to becoming a deacon. As Church on Mill welcomed female deacons, I was blessed to move into the role.
The first place I ever found myself serving in church was in junior high within the preschool ministry at the church I attended, this being before I even would have called myself a Christian. This was also the first time I ever worked with preschoolers at all. The Lord had prepared my heart to serve, and had designed my giftings to love preschoolers, or “tiny humans” as I often call them. I went on to pursue a degree in Child Development in school and kept serving in various other ministries at the churches I’ve been a part of all my life.
When we came to Church on Mill, there was a need for people to serve with preschoolers. I answered that call, and here we are. I attribute all this to the Lord’s equipping and providing opportunity. I plan to continue serving our church in this role for the next four years, if the Lord wills.