Hi, I’m Kayde DeVeau. I have been attending Church on Mill since 2010, and have been a member since 2013. If I don’t know you now I hope I get the privilege to do so in the future.

Here’s a bit of my testimony. I am a born and raised desert rat and have lived in AZ all my life. While my home wasn’t filled with the gospel and church was not something my parents would regularly attend, my mom did encourage me to go to some Wednesday night church activities with my closest friend Grace. I had no idea what God was doing. I thought I was just playing games and having fun with my best friend, but piece by piece the gospel began unfolding. God became more than just some genie in the sky but instead the powerful creator that had a plan, with his son, to rescue sinners like me. It was while attending Wednesday night activities as a youth that I knew I was a sinner, and that I needed the work of Christ to save me.

While things began to change it was slow going and the support system for a child to learn about God just wasn’t there for me within my family, but God pursued me. He held me fast while the years travelled on and in 2010 when I came to Church on Mill I truly believe I found my home. When I think about my walk, it’s this body of believers I have been raised by and that poured into me their love and wisdom. The work of Christ growing and maturing me in my faith is on display in how the church has loved me and also how it asked me to love others.

One of the areas of the church that God has used to grow me is in Children’s ministry. I love children. I have a passion and a desire to teach, and I want to show kids that the gospel is important for them. That age doesn’t make us exempt from needing the gospel every day, as an adult I haven’t out grown the gospel. So as a teacher I want to do more than just keep them busy for an hour while their parents are at church, but I want to share that a relationship with the Lord is a very sweet thing. I have been refined so much in serving in that classroom over the years. I have watched many children grow and graduate. Children are so incredible! Did you know that the same child you have to tell 5 times to keep their hands to themselves, is also the same child that can rattle off the current affairs of our country and ask “How is God good when so many bad/scary things are happening?” Woah…right? It’s questions like these that have stretched my own faith.

I think back to when I was young. I can’t remember a single name of a church volunteer that shared the gospel with me, but you know what? Their work, their obedience to the Lord, impacted my life. And it’s with this in mind I feel God is calling me to serve as a deacon in children’s ministry, if you would so have me, church family. There is no award at the end of the day, no guarantee that a child will remember my name, but if I can serve faithfully and obediently this family that has raised me, and help support our parents in the task of discipling their children I am so very excited to do so. I look forward to partnering with others that want to share the joys and truths of the gospel with children, encouraging those that are volunteering of the true impact of their service, and to get to know parents more, that I may help in any way I can to support them in the task of sharing the gospel with their kids in the nitty gritty of life – not just on Sunday morning or Wednesday night.