It has been 20 years since Jessica and I started coming to Church on Mill. I have spent the last 18 years in youth ministry and recently in the Deacon role. It has been a blessing to serve all these years and I can’t wait for what’s next in youth ministry!
I love being a part of this community that God has called me to serve. These are some of the highlights from the youth ministry. Some of my favorite series have been Jesus is the Better, Finding my Identity, Restored, and the Romans 1:16&17 Thesis. Watching the high school seniors taking the lead, the many winter retreats and summer camps, game days, and Christmas ornament exchanges are also highlights.
I want to thank God for allowing me to be a part of this youth ministry. I also want to thank the family ministries staff as well as the elders for their support. I especially want to thank all of the adults youth leaders that have given so much of their time and skills to be a part of the students lives. And then there are the students. I have always said this is their group and the youth leaders get to be a part of it. The students have been very supportive of myself and the youth leaders over the years. I am very impressed by these students. The best part by far is our students love Jesus and they own it!
If re-affirmed I will continue to serve in the same role as Deacon of youth ministry. I pray God will grow my faith and knowledge. I pray God will continue to make this ministry life changing for the students and leaders. Let’s go!