The Lord has given me the privilege of serving these past few years as the Deacon of Corporate Worship. I do mostly administrative tasks, like scheduling the teams you see on stage and the AV team in the back. I also do my best to manage and maintain the sound equipment. This year has been especially challenging, but has not been without its learning experiences. We have had to learn a lot of new technology which has been exciting, daunting, fascinating, and frustrating all at the same time! There have also been lessons from the Lord in patience, flexibility, and how to keep chill when the livestream goes down. (I’m still working on that one!) I am so grateful that through all of that chaos that God is good, in control, and unchanging.

It has been a crazy year for all of the worship volunteers, and I want to give a special shout out to the AV team. They have had their work cut out for them learning new software, a new soundboard, a camera, and all of the craziness that comes with livestreaming. You all have done a remarkable job! Thank you!

If re-affirmed as a deacon, I’ll be serving for the next four years in the same role.