Dear Church Family,

Ruth 3:1-18

Last week Pastor Chuck walked us through Ruth 3:1-18. We saw Naomi hatch a daring plan for Ruth that might just work towards them finding a redeemer. Through Ruth’s courage and her steadfast trust in the Lord she sneaks up on Boaz in the night and asks if he will take care of her and redeem her family line. Through Ruth’s courage and her question we also see how we need a redeemer whom we find in Jesus. Glory to God that he takes us in when we are destitute and forsaken and he gives us a home. But what about Ruth? Will Boaz agree to take her in and become her redeemer? You can find out here.

Disciplemakers Intensive

Join us in the church auditorium for the fall Disciplemakers Intensive, this Saturday November 3rd, from 8:30am – 12pm. Guest speaker Trey Richardson will talk to us about moving from Fear to Faith. All Discipemakers classes are encouraged to come as well as church members and guests. Breakfast will be provided.

Members Meeting

During last Sunday’s Member’s Meeting the church family enjoyed ministry reports from Mike Bond and Roger Wood. We were helped by Todd Diehl in our thinking about financial generosity to the church. We laughed a lot at an allergic reaction, and Chuck Newkirk shared why the elders will begin recommending people for membership and calling for a congregational vote on each recommended person beginning in the next Member’s Meeting. Additionally, we prayed together and heard about Randy Hagler’s upcoming surgery for cancer removal. It was a great night! Please follow up with one of the Elders if you missed the meeting.

Your Brother in Christ,