It is a very common experience: you are just starting out—you dreamed of the day you’d have a full-time job’s income, but already your salary feels too small to save or give. Or perhaps this: you’re a little (or a lot) further into life and are making an amount that 25-year-old you would have loved to have made, but yet you remain with no savings and no regular generosity built into your budget.

Somehow, no matter how much a person makes, they tend to spend all of it. Whether you make $20,000 or $100,000, you likely have a hard time saving and giving. It probably feels like it takes most of your money just to stay afloat in life.

If you’d like to change this pattern and grow in your ability to put money toward savings, God-honoring goals, and surprising generosity, building an emergency fund is the place to begin. Take a look at this tool, Creating an Emergency Fund, written by church member Stephen Shelton, to get started.

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Creating an Emergency Fund