///Count the Blessings

Count the Blessings

Brothers and Sisters,

Last Sunday

Church on Mill just launched our newest sermon series, “Prayer: Moving from Duty to Delight”, setting the stage for all of us to grow in our knowledge and experience of God. I am rather excited to see what new matters God can teach us. I think that the Lord’s Prayer is the prefect way to help us grasp the true meaning of talking with God, especially on how NOT to pray, as what Chuck spoke to us about in our latest sermon.

If you also were here before the service began, you enjoyed a beautiful, decorative set of donuts, croissants, muffins, rice-krispy treats, cookies, and artwork laid out on the front porch by the latest Scotland missions team. Thank you for your kind donations, the team is now one step closer to their mission trip. Through your regular budget giving missions is mainly funded, but the extra was helpful to team members. Thank you.

Director of Family Ministries

We are now in the process of considering a new director of family ministries: Mr. Tim Stokes, from South Carolina. Tim is indeed stoked to be considered for this position, so he along with the Transition Team and DOFM Search Team ask that we each pray for the Lord to make the answer clear, so that teams will know whether Tim should pursue this position.  Tim and his sweet family (pictured above) will be here in a few weeks to meet everyone and answer questions.

Instructing a Child’s Heart

I hope you all have registered or plan to register for this important conference, and it’s best to do it fast before spots fill up! This weekend, October 2nd from 6:30pm-9:15pm, and October 3rd from 8:30am-12:30pm, you will have the rare opportunity to listen to Dr. Tedd Tripp as he preaches about what it means to be a biblically based parent. For $50 per couple and $30 per individual, you may sign up here.

New Deacons and Elders

This coming Sunday, we will start asking for names of potential Deacon and Elder candidates, which will be done through ballots where you can write your recommendations. Please be reading from 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 to brush up on the qualifications of being an Elder or a Deacon.  Who in the church family is already evidencing a call to be a Deacon by the way he or she thoughtfully serves?  Who is already a mature brother in Christ you’d consider Elder qualified?  Plan to share your suggestions this Sunday in our worship gathering.  The Transition Team will look over the recommendations and invite people to the upcoming training classes.  Members, your voice is important in this process!

As we now move into October, the wee end of the calendar year, it would now be a good time to start counting the blessings that the Lord has brought to you over the previous year. Our Father answers every prayer, whether it is a “yes,” “no,” or “not yet,” so let us not forget how He has loved us!

With much love,

Trevor Pacelli, Ministry Intern

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