Church Family,

Last Sunday, Pastor Chuck preached from Acts 15:36-16:5. In this passage, we learned about holding fast to our convictions while holding our freedoms with an open hand. Dive into this sermon to gain critical footing in how you proceed in your walk with others in the Lord. Listen via podcast or Youtube, and don’t forget the Q&A.

Three Gatherings Begin August 16th

ASU is soon welcoming back many students, and we’ll continue to welcome one another back from our various summer excursions. Given this, we are reopening the 10:00am Gathering beginning August 16th. Each Gathering will remain at a 50-person capacity. Be sure to sign up for one of this week’s two Gatherings if you haven’t yet by clicking here. If you need to give online, you can do so here.

Psalms and Prayers

Each week this fall beginning August 26th, we’ll join together on Wednesday nights for Psalms and Prayers from 7:00-8:00pm. This season has likely not spared you from disillusionment and pain. If that is the case, nothing could be more vital than leaning into the means God has given us for processing deeply with him – Psalms and Prayers. Plan to join in any weeks you are able.

May we find great life in seeking our Lord Jesus this week.

Your sister,