By God’s grace Church on Mill has developed a reputation for being a training and sending church.  We regularly are gifted by God with incredible people as church members who are, Lord willing, headed into vocational ministry.  The courageous Christians get involved in the church and many end up serving as interns or residents, and then many are send out to serve God’s people elsewhere.  Thank you for being a church that cares about God’s Kingdom around the world and especially cares about helping plant and reform churches to be healthy, gospel-centered churches.

Recently our intern and residency program received a tremendous honor – through the kindness of God and our partners at The Gospel Coalition Arizona and Phoenix Seminary, we are now able to offer up to 18 hours of master’s level seminary credit for participants in Church on Mill’s training program!  This is effectively an entire year of credit offered to people training for ministry.  This unique and innovative approach allows students to take the courses that really should be taught in a local church setting and work out the biblical principles in practical examples of real church life.  Pastor Chuck has stated that nothing like this existed when he was in seminary and it would have made all the difference in the world in his preparation for pastoring.  Hopefully someday we’ll be able to offer this for college-level education and from additional seminaries, but for now it is a great start.

Every Thursday morning this semester five COM interns gather at the church office and spend the morning together grappling with what the Bible teaches about the church.  These five church members are both studying and serving as part of their internship.  Pray for Maddie, Heather, Michael, Phil, and Nick as they are stretched by God’s Word and prepared in character, theology, and skills.  Thanks to the generosity and vision of Church on Mill God is developing yet another generation of Jesus-loving, church-minded leaders!

Interested in getting in on an internship in the spring?  Our spring classes will be on preaching/teaching and discipleship/counseling.  It’s time to apply.  You can start the application process by clicking here.  With seminary credit and without seminary credit options are available.