///Church on Mill Missions: Local and Global

Church on Mill Missions: Local and Global

Brothers and Sisters,

Hello from Sacile, Italy. I’ve missed you! God is doing powerful things around the world of which Church on Mill is a glad part. I will share much more in person but here’s a preview:

Training Pastors for Faithful PreachingSimeonTrust

Last week Pastoral Resident Bryan Jerry and I enjoyed a preaching lab through Simeon Trust in the Boston area with sister church South Shore Baptist Church. Simeon Trust exists to train pastors for faithful Word ministry. Additionally, they host workshops to train women for teaching and mentoring. Through our fabulous partnership with Gospel Coalition Arizona, God has given Church on Mill an Arizona-wide impact through monthly pastor’s groups, quarterly events (such as the ‘Big Story’ women’s conference this weekend), and support of individual churches. Lord willing, we’ll be able to be a blessing to the whole state of AZ by continuing to bless pastors and churches.  Join me in praying we can bring a Simeon Trust Preaching Workshop to Tempe in the next year.

Gospel Churches for Italy’s Forgotten 

Tartari FamilyThis week transition team member Kent Hardy, youth resident Allison Wolf, and I have enjoyed seeing the stunning grace of God on display in northern Italy. Italy is a destination known for its history, beauty, wine, and world-class art.  What’s lesser known is that Italy is a spiritual wasteland. This country of 65 million people has fewer gospel-centered, biblically-faithful, mission-minded churches than the Valley. You are more likely to meet a Christian in China than Italy.  And yet God has many he’s calling to salvation (Acts 18:10). Our missions partners – Rob and Sandy Krause – have faithfully ministered in this context for nearly 20 years. Serenissima Bible Church, where Rob pastors, is a thriving church family, focused on planting churches in the myriad of cities in Northern Italy where there is no gospel witness. Grab a cup of coffee and take 10 minutes to read some of the amazing stories. We’ve been overjoyed by the vibrant movement of God here. Pray for Rob as he meets weekly to train pastoral residents, leads Serenissima, and serves other parts of Italy through the church-planting movement known as Impatto Italy.

This picture is from a ‘life team’ (think Gospel Community) last night in a nearby town. This life team is led by Franco and Priscille Tartari. Franco is a pastoral resident headed towards a church plant. It is nearly unheard of for an Italian to take such a bold step in the Lord. Because you are a generous church, Church on Mill was able to sponsor a portion of the Tartari’s much needed financial support. We’d love to start a prayer initiative to lift this family and the whole region to the Lord on a regular basis: if you are interested in being part of that please email me.

Thank you, church! It’s such a joy to be part of church with a passion for Christ and a love for people both near and far. The Lord is at work through you locally and globally!

See you soon,

Pastor Chuck

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