Brothers and Sisters,

Last Sunday, Brandon brought us the words of Acts 9:32-11:18. In this passage, the Lord clearly declares that no nation is unfit for the gospel message. He has declared each clean and equally able to be redeemed by Christ! Listen in for encouragement and to examine your heart.

Q&A with Brandon

As we interact with the Word of God, we are changed. We hope this Q&A gives you one more chance to think with others in the church family about the text we covered on Sunday.


We never stop being thankful for the evidence that Christ is working in your hearts through your sacrificial giving. Now during our three modified Gatherings, we are able to give safely in black boxes by the doors of the auditorium on Sundays. The option to give online will also remain available and reliable.

We look forward to yet another joyful Sunday in which we are blessed to gather as a church family. Sign up here to attend one of the Gatherings. The 11:30 Gathering will also be livestreamed on Youtube (glitches have been worked out if you had to switch off of Youtube last week!) and Facebook.

Your sister,