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Disciples of Christ, Our church has been given the great commission of going and making disciples of all nations. We've been given everything we need: the authority, the teaching, the promise that the nations [...]


By |2019-08-29T12:18:06-07:00August 29th, 2019|News|

Brothers and Sisters, Many of us spend our lives thinking that independence is the goal, but Pastor Chuck shared with us this past Sunday something shockingly different. By a stunning miracle, our church family [...]


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Brothers and Sisters, Last Sunday we began our new year of serving rotations (which God provided for abundantly through you!), and we began a three-week sermon series called The Body. Pastor Chuck showed us [...]


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Brothers and Sisters, Last Sunday After over half a year in 1 Samuel, we ended our series on this book of the Bible with a tragic conclusion. The man the entire nation of Isreal [...]


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Brothers and Sisters, Last Sunday Pastor Chuck taught us that in David's dependence and obedience on God, God gave him incredible fruit. Then, instead of hoarding what God gave him, David promptly turned to [...]


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Brothers and Sisters, Last Sunday David strengthened himself in the Lord in his time of need. We know we need to strengthen ourselves in the Lord, but we don't always know how. Pastor Tad [...]


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Brothers and Sisters, Last Sunday In Shing's sermon on 1 Samuel 27-28, we saw David run to the enemy for deliverance, and we saw Saul run to a medium for deliverance. Each day, we [...]


By |2019-07-17T13:52:41-07:00July 17th, 2019|News|

Church family, Last Sunday At just the right time, Abigail stepped into David's life as God's way of protecting David from "working his own salvation" during an agonizing time of waiting for God to [...]


By |2019-07-10T10:20:53-07:00July 10th, 2019|News|

Brother and Sisters, Last Sunday David took refuge in God, so he found the mercy of God. As he ran from Saul, he found a God who loved him and was faithful to him. [...]


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Church Family, Last Sunday Each day, we have voices coming at us from a thousand places that say they can give us security and satisfaction. We are told by money, by relationships, by hair [...]