Brothers and Sisters,

What is your responsibility in burden bearing? What is the responsibility of the Christian community? How do we know when we are to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps to do something on our own or have someone help us? How do we know when to offer help to one another? Last Sunday, Pastor Chuck led us through Galatians 6:1-5 and answered these questions. Listen in.

Members Meeting Re-Cap

On Sunday night, our Members Meeting gave our church family the opportunity to have an open discussion regarding the Elders’ governance proposals. To review these documents and the timeline again, check out this blog post and attend the Q&A Discussion Forum scheduled for this Sunday the 15th at 3:00pm in the West Wing. The Elders also presented a new Elder Candidate to us, Anderson (Andy) Clare. Check out his testimony here and talk with him or an elder if you have encouragements, questions, or concerns. Both of these items will be voted on during our January 26th Members Meeting.

This Christmas season, remember that Emmanuel means “God with us.” God is with you, brothers and sisters! Think simply of that.