///Birding, Christology, and Glad Submission

Birding, Christology, and Glad Submission

Brothers and Sisters,

It was a joy to share with you all this past Sunday and I trust the Lord has used that time in significant ways this week.  Looking at Christ with a thorough and thoughtful view only enhances our worship and directs our daily lives.  The comprehensive work of Christ affects ALL of life.  According to Colossians 1:15-20 their is nothing that he, Christ, did not create or direct.  Paul sings loudly here at the beginning of Colossians that Christ is fully God which begs our full devotion and submission.  The Church at Colossae had lost Christ as their distinguishing characteristic and ultimate authority.  In doing so, they had adopted unhealthy practices.  Paul begins the entire book by painting a lofty view of Christ in order for them to identify the false teaching and expose it’s inadequacies.  Much like a birding field guide that gives specific and detailed information to identify birds, Paul beautifully sings note by note deep and accurate details about Christ.  Brothers and Sisters, Colossians 1:15-20 is our field guide to worship in fullness, not shift from the gospel, and produce glad submission.

Connection Class

We wrapped up Who Am I? last week and will start Knowing God this Sunday July 17th.  Please make time to attend this informative class that will not only explore who God is but also how to live in respond to Him.  This connection class will be held in the north west wing of the auditorium at 9:30am.  See you then!!!


Middle and High Schoolers mark your calendar on July 20th for another splash event.  This will be held at the Skinner’s house from 6:30pm-8:30pm.  There will be a bible study and fun to be had for all!!! Contact Tim Stokes for any more information you need.

Bible Reading

Summer is full of vacations, rest, and avoiding the heat.  Perhaps in the midst of all those things you could take some time to get together with a brother or sister and read the bible.  There are multiple resources to aid you in this but One-to-One bible reading is super helpful.  Check out the webpage or get a copy of the book in the book stall and then, simply grab a friend and start reading!!!

Grace be with you,

Bryan Jerry

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