Dear Church Family,

Matthew 24:36-51

Last Sunday Pastor Tad took us through Matthew 24:36-51. In this passage Jesus reminds us to be mindful and faithful as we await his return. Jesus tells us that two men will be in a field, one will be taken and the other will not; Two women grinding at the mill, one will be taken and the other left. Ultimately Jesus will return at a time unknown to us, and his return will catch many unaware. Pastor Tad raises an important question, If we believe Jesus was returning soon how would it change our lives today? Are we currently living as a disobedient servant or are we living every day for Christ as though he is coming back tomorrow? You can check out the sermon here.

New Connection Classes

Connection Classes are our weekly, Sunday morning elective classes for adults to meet each other and learn from God’s Word about specific topics. Two new Connection Classes start this Sunday.

At 9:30, in the Christian Challenge building, Erik Naylor will be teaching “Singleness and the Scriptures”. In this class we will discuss how to our identity in Christ relates to singleness, how to relate well to single people in our families and the church, what scripture says about ministering as a single person, and how to deal with loneliness and find contentment.

At 11:15, in the Christian Challenge building, Randy Hagler will be teaching “Financial Stewardship”. The Bible has a lot to say about how we steward God’s resources and how we can use them in blessing and hardship for the glory of His name. Join us as we discuss how to manage finances in God honoring ways.

Your Brother in Christ,