Dear Church Family,

Matt. 6:25-34

Would you describe yourself as an anxious person? Do you wonder if god really cares about your needs? This week we looked at Matt. 6:25-34 where Jesus promises us that he will provide the basic necessities of life. In vivid imagery he reminds us that the creatures of the earth are taken care of and yet are we not of more value than birds and flowers? We can trust our heavenly father as we cast our anxieties upon him. You can check out the sermon here.

Members Meeting

January 27th we will be having a members meeting at 6pm, this will be a great time to gather as a church family and celebrate what God is doing in our church. I hope to see you there!

Even Better than Eden

On March 22-23, the Gospel Coalition Arizona is hosting a women’s conference at Trinity Bible Church with Nancy Guthrie. Nancy is an accomplished writer and teacher who will be talking about how God will bring so much more than restoration when he comes. The biblical story is often described as creation, fall, redemption, and restoration. This is true, but God promises us even more. You can sign up here.

Your brother in Christ,