Dear Church Family,

Matt. 3:13-17

Would you consider God to be pleased with you? Last Sunday we ended our sermon series on the savior as we looked at Jesus’ baptism. Incredibly, God came not just to die for our sin, but also to live the perfect life for us. Through his perfect life and baptism Jesus is obedient to the father. Through God’s mercy and love he counts us as righteous through Jesus’ obedience. What good news! You can check out the sermon here.

Launch Night

Disciplemakers launches up again next Wednesday, January 9th, 2019 at 6:30. We will be starting DM classes 2 and 4, hope to see you there!

Directions for Your Dough

We begin our six-week sermon series on money, Dat Dough Tho, this Sunday. Read this Featured Content article to learn about how, as a church family, we can learn and apply our knowledge well with the help of a weekly blog post that goes along with the sermon series.

Happy New Year,