When I drink my Starbucks latte and read my Bible, I sometimes wonder where my coffee beans came from. More frequently, however, I wonder where my Bible came from. If it was written two-thousand years ago, how can I be confident that the words haven’t changed over time? How can I be sure that I have all the right books in my Bible? Have you ever wondered? Perhaps these questions have caused you or someone you know to lose trust in the Bible, or never have trust in it to begin with.

Thankfully, there are some people who have devoted their lives to answer these questions. Two such scholars will be sharing their experience and knowledge at the upcoming Disciplemakers Intensive, “Scribes and Scripture,” on April 6th from 8:30am-12:00pm in the Church on Mill Auditorium. Our speakers, Drs. Peter Gurry and John Meade, head the Text & Canon Institute at Phoenix Seminary and together have expertise that spans the entire Bible.

Where did the Bible come from, how old is it, who put it together, and how has it been passed down to us? They will answer these questions, and more, with evidence from the past. If you’ve ever had these same questions or you know someone who has, be sure to be at Church on Mill on Saturday morning, April 6th! It is an open event to anyone interested, so bring a friend, enjoy a free breakfast, and glean from the experts.