Where did we come from? The story begins with the eternal God creating everything out of sheer joy and unparalleled power. All that he made was good! He put human beings in a garden to represent him, reflecting him in their relationships and responsibilities. As God cared for them they cared for his world. His good word guided their lives. Read Genesis 1-2 to learn more about creation.


What went wrong? Rather than trusting God’s good word, human beings rebelled. They chose to live independent from their Creator, attempting to determine right and wrong for themselves. Instead of clinging to God they pushed him away. They sinned. The results of this were heartbreaking. When creation rebels against its Creator disaster ensues. God’s good creation began to fall apart. Evil emerged. Where there was once harmony and joy, now discord and hate; once innocence and freedom, now guilt, shame, and fear. Ultimately sin led to death. Read Genesis 3:1-21 to learn more about the fall.


Is there any hope? While we deserved only judgment God extended grace. He promised to deal with sin. He promised death would not reign forever. He promised a new beginning. How? Mysteriously God chose one family to follow him, demonstrating God’s goodness, power, and mercy. From this family would come a great nation. From that great nation would come a Savior. This Savior, Jesus, would become the hope of all people. Read Genesis 12:1-3 to learn more about the promise.


Could Jesus be that hope? God’s promise to deal with sin was a promise to take it upon himself. Jesus Christ, God and man, joined humanity, lived a perfect life of joyful obedience, and died a sinner’s death. He died a torturous death, bearing the sin of us all, alone. But just three days later Jesus was raised to life. The curse of sin and death is broken! Jesus now reigns as King and promises to return one day for his people. All who turn from sin and turn to Jesus are adopted into God’s family, destined for life with him forever. Read Ephesians 2:1-10 to learn more about redemption.


If Jesus is our hope why is there still so much brokenness? Jesus’ work is finished, but many still feel the weight of their own and others’ guilt, shame, and fear. Thankfully the story is still being told. Jesus’ good rule as King is present today in the hearts of all his people who gather to worship and to be sent on mission to proclaim the gospel and demonstrate its life-changing power. The church is the family of God who live together as a foretaste of what life will be like when Jesus’ good word is embraced by all. Until then we exist to glorify God through lives being changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Read Ephesians 3:4-21 to learn more about the church.


Will the brokenness last forever? Jesus will one day return for his people. He will put an end to everything broken and evil. God will be with his people forever. No more tears. No more despair. No more disease. Guilt and shame gone for all time. We will have restored bodies, restored relationships and restored desires. We will finally be able to worship, serve our good God, and reign with him over all creation. Read Revelation 21:1-5 to learn more about restoration.