Every Sunday, one of our pastors leads the congregation in a Pastoral Prayer. The Pastoral Prayer is designed to help the congregation pray together to the Lord before hearing from his Word to praise him, confess to him, petition him, and ask him to work in our church and others. The following prayer was given by Pastor Todd this past Sunday. May it encourage you this week.


Everlasting Father, we gather this morning to lift up your great name in joyful worship. You are indeed our Redeemer, our Defender, our Savior, and our King. In your infinite mercy and kindness, you have seen fit to love us with an immeasurable love. Because of your great love, the Word became flesh, and Christ lived among us. He taught us in word and deed, showed his love for us through acts of service, humbly submitted to your will, and endured your silence … all for us. All this so that we should not suffer the condemnation that our rebellion against you so rightly deserved. It is certainly in Christ alone that our hope rests. He is the cornerstone of our salvation, a never-ending source of life, strength, comfort and assurance. Because of your great love for us, we are now reconciled with you through Christ, and can enjoy the privilege of being called your sons and daughters.

Confession and Petition

As we mourn over the senseless loss of life this past week in Florida, many of us, if we are honest, would admit that our hearts are troubled. We might have asked where were you in the midst of this tragedy? Did you not see? Did you not hear?

Thankfully, you are a God who is not silent; you are not distant. You drew near to us in the form of a man, our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. He was acquainted with sorrow and grief. And he came to inaugurate your kingdom, and to begin restoring all things. There will come a day when he will return in glory – the old will pass away, and the new will take its place. Then there will be no more pain, no more weeping, no more sorrow, no more brokenness. Lord, we long for that day to come!

As we live in anticipation of that coming day, help us to trust in your goodness and in your sovereignty over all things. You are a God who ultimately will not withhold justice. Thank you that in your loving kindness, you have shown mercy to those of us who place their trust in you. We do ask that you would be with the families and friends that have suffered the loss of a loved one in this tragedy. Bring them the comfort that only you can provide in this time of need. We pray that you would use your church to show compassion and hope in Parkdale in the coming days and weeks.

May our hope and trust find true rest in Christ alone. May he be an anchor in the midst of pain, doubt, suffering and hardship. Thank you for reminding us this morning that as we gather, we do not gather alone, but rather in community. By the power of the Holy Spirit, kindle a new affection in our hearts for one another. Help us to bear one another’s burdens, to humbly and gently speak the truth to one another with love, to graciously and selflessly serve one another, to love one another the way you have so lavishly loved us. We ask that we would continue to glorify Christ even in the midst of our circumstances, and that in doing so a world in desperate need might be drawn to you.

Intercession for Church Partners 

This morning, we also pray for other like-minded, gospel-centered churches. We pray this morning that as people gather together in local congregations across the valley, that your great name would indeed be lifted high, and that Christ would be exalted. We pray specifically for Arizona Avenue Baptist Church in Chandler, that you would unite them around the truthfulness and trustworthiness of your word. We pray for Pastor Bob Guttry as he preaches, that he would do so with clarity and conviction, and that your word would bring refreshment to receptive hearts. In response to the immeasurable riches they have in Christ, we pray that their desire this week would be to make much of you in their community.

Openness to Preached Word

Thank you, Father, for making yourself known to us, for beginning a conversation with us through your Word. We pray this morning that you would continue to sustain Chuck, and that as he preaches this morning, you would rekindle our hunger for your Word. Through the power of your indwelling Spirit, may our hearts’ desires be conformed evermore to your desires for us.

We pray this in Christ’s name and for his glory, amen.