Brothers and Sisters,

As I reflect over this past year of serving as a Pastoral Resident, there are many emotions that I feel, but above all of them is gratefulness.  Each and every individual that I, Lauren, Averie, and Everett interacted with, encouraged us beyond measure.  From kind words to challenging words, God has used each conversation to do a work in our lives essential for the coming years of ministry.

I believe one of the major reason we have benefited so greatly from the Residency program is because of what Paul calls partnership in the gospel (Phil 1:5).  There is a real sense of camaraderie when brothers and sisters live sacrificially for the gospel.  My family and I truly understand why Paul tells the church in Philippi that, “I thank my God in all my remembrance of you” (Phil 1:3).  We literally cannot help but thank God when we think of you!  Much of the thankfulness is due to your prayers and willingness to allow us to serve you.  This has provided us with necessary growth needed to pursue ministry.  We are also thankful for the care and concern you extended us.  This brought great comfort to our hearts and created a loving place for us to experience grace.  To partner with Church on Mill and have everyone of you partner with us has created a deep bond between us that we hold very dear.  Especially as we hit the inevitable bumps along the ministry road.  We are the better for our time with you and feel more equipped to take on the high calling of the Pastorate.

Though my residency is ending, we will still be around COM as we diligently search for where God would have us to serve.  Thank you for being a church family that takes ministry seriously enough to invest in a Residency program that equips wanna be Pastors like myself for ministry.  There really is no adequate way to express how we truly feel, but I trust these words will suffice in communicating our gratefulness.

Grace be with you,

Bryan, Lauren, Averie, and Everett