During our last Members Meeting, the Transition Team issued a special ‘Call to Prayer’ for the Church on Mill family.  God hears and God listens, so above all else let’s be a church of prayer!

The team’s presentation consisted of three areas of concentration: a culture of disciple-making, healthy church and churches, and pastoral proximity.  The full text of there presentation, including many specific prayer requests, is available here.  Please begin making these three significant opportunities part of your daily prayer, as well as part of the praying you do with people you are discipling, in Gospel Community with, and other formal and informal gatherings with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Additionally, as always, the team would love to hear any ideas or questions you have.  It might be that God would use you in some significant way related to discipleship, church health, or proximity.  Working together, in God’s strength, we will continue to glorify God through lives changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

God is doing great things among and through us as a church family.  Let’s ask him to do still more – for his glory, our good, and the progress of the gospel in Tempe and beyond.